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Scroll through and see the different types of diagrams you can OT Draw.
Click 'NEXT' on each diagram to loop through the different diagrams.

Bathroom Templates:

There are many different bathroom templates you can select.
The items on the walls are drawn simply by clicking the wall and selecting the items you want.

Gallery - Bath

Bathroom Floorplans:

OT Draw helps you draw bathroom floorplans to scale.
With the click of a button you can automatically create the side view of each wall in your floorplan.

Gallery - Floorplan

Stair Designs:

OT Draw enables you to draw complex stair diagrams by selecting options and entering the stair and rail values.

Gallery - Stair Design

Ramp Designs:

Use OT Draw to create diagrams for single and multiple ramps. It can create both 3D and top views of your ramp.

Gallery - Ramp Design

Picture Designs:

Insert a picture and use the OT Draw tools to draw your recommendations and measurements right on the picture!!.

Gallery - Picture Design
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